Our Services

Short Term Care

At Hampton Place Healthcare, we understand that providing care and support for loved ones is more than a full-time job, it is a 24/7 commitment that requires non-stop responsibility, accountability, kindness, and patience. Though necessary and rewarding, sometimes the role of at home caregiver demands more than people are able to provide. Our team at Hampton Place offers short-term care in an effort to give at-home caregivers a break and opportunity to take care of themselves, whether they might need time for leisure, travel, holidays, business, or personal care and health. All of our short-term residents enjoy the same daily activities, meals and snacks, personalized interaction and relationships that our long-term residents experience daily.

Long Term Care

As the newest all-private room facility in Northwest Arkansas, we offer personalized activities and meaningful daily interaction so that each member of our Hampton Place family can easily build trust, connection and purposeful relationships with one another. Although our staff of healthcare professionals is experienced and talented, it is their natural ability to practice empathy and understanding with residents that is valued and implemented more than anything. Our staff manages resident’s medication and assists them with basic living services on a daily basis, and in a manner that maintains their independence and needs.


At Hampton Place Healthcare, our rehabilitation services deliver personalized care that surpasses conventional expectations, and makes each patient confident in their abilities. Our team of licensed and experienced physical and occupational therapists delivers top-notch therapy that is designed to ensure a speedy and complete recovery, along with the highest quality of care and comfort for our patients. We aspire to guide each patient in rediscovering their passion for life and rekindling appreciation for the myriad experiences still within their reach.Through expert knowledge, assistance and support, our team will help you or your loved one embrace life’s possibilities with renewed enthusiasm that comes with recovery.


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